Tiny Homes have a Big Impact on Housing Markets

Given their small square footage, it’s almost ironic just how large of a shift tiny houses are bringing to real estate markets. In an effort to build reliable, affordable, sustainable housing following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Katrina cottages began popping up. Cities like Portland, Ore. and Oakland, Calif. also embraced the big opportunity in small homes.

In the Greater Lansing area, T.A. Forsberg Inc. has been a vital component to implement the housing trend within the local market. With a rich history dating back three generations, Terry Forsberg was one of the pioneers of highway infrastructure. In his early days, Forsberg poured concrete, built roads and municipal sewer and water systems. Today, his grandson Brent Forsberg continues the tradition and passion for community-centric development. The company’s philosophy is to build environments around how people live in communities.

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Six Reasons to Live in a Tiny Home

Size may be one reason you have not considered converting to life in a Tiny Home, but it is hard to ignore these six amazing reasons why you should! You will probably be asking yourself, by the end of this article, why you have not already made the switch! Aside from being convenient and an attractive compliment to individuals with unique lifestyles, tiny homes like Tembo Homes are small structures that make a huge impact on communities, the environment and your opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest! Our Tembo Homes are revamping what residents have come to expect from tiny-home living, while working hard to support and grow the communities surrounding them.

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Coffee With a Developer Event Success

Forsberg’s own President and CEO, Brent Forsberg recently spoke one-on-one with the community during our Coffee with a Developer event on Friday, February 16 at Lansing’s newest coffee shop, The Crafted Bean. The event was designed to give the community an opportunity to learn more about Forsberg’s plans for future projects and give them insight into what goes into bringing them to life. In addition, the conversation acted as an opportunity for Forsberg to provide resources and education to others in the region who are also pursuing ways to improve the community and advance our region.


Urban Systems Closes on Lake Trust Building

As part of Urban Systems we are proud to share that we closed on the Lake Trust property in Downtown Lansing on January 31st. We are excited to start bringing our vision for urban development to life in collaboration with our Urban Systems partners. The sale is part of Urban Systems’ bigger plans to transform largely unused space between downtown and REO Town into housing, office and retail space that will transform the City of Lansing. To learn more about this project and the property, check out this great article from the Lansing State Journal. 

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Brent Forsberg hosts Rick Snyder

We were excited to host Governor Rick Snyder and his team for the announcement of a plan to create sustainable funding for long-term environmental cleanups at old manufacturing facilities.

Our team is working on a transformative project in Lansing in the key area of the City to build innovative housing and collaborative spaces for business. This will provide better connections with transportation trails, arts and culture. It’s great knowing the state is trying to find solutions to help strengthen the urban fabrics in our region.

We look forward to working with the City of Lansing, LEAP, Reo Town and many other key interest groups in the coming years to bring this project to life.

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What is the Tiny House Movement

Birthed from a cultural shift experienced over the past decade, the popularity of tiny homes like our Tembo Homes has expanded as consumers of products from virtually all industries have begun taking more responsibility and self-ownership for their actions that impact our environment. We strongly believe that its ethos and commitments like this are what will ultimately mold the future of our communities long after us. Despite opting to minimize the space that you occupy, the benefits you will experience will begin to stack up when considering your monthly bills, your retention of unnecessary possessions and the pride you have earned for being a conscious and active member of your community.

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HBA Big Buck Wild Game Dinner

Here at Forsberg we are proud to support our community and one of our favorite events each year is the HBA Big Buck Wild Game Dinner. Check out Forsberg President, Brent Forsberg as he talks about the fun-filled event that is celebrating its 20thyear bringing the community together. Join us on January 20thto get your tickets and get in on the fun of a wild game dinner prepared by an expert chef and raffles and entertainment you won’t find anywhere else. Get your tickets today at www.hbalansing.com

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517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
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