Elevation Pre-Opening

T.A. Forsberg, Inc. president and CEO Brent Forsberg dropped by Fox 47’s Morning Blend to share some exciting news! During the morning broadcast Forsberg took the opportunity to announce the pre-opening of Elevation in Okemos, a project that’s been over two years in the making. The exciting opportunity for the community to finally explore what this dynamic mixuse space takes place on June 19th! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!


Coffee with a Developer

On Friday, April 27, our very own Brent Forsberg met with area residents during the latest installment of Coffee with a Developer. The community was invited to REO Town’s Blue Owl Coffee to engage in discussions about developmental practices, the company’s plans for the area and to question the developer about their concerns for future developments. Forsberg is always looking for ways to provide education to and engage with the people who matter most – their neighbors. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of this community event!

Parking Madness

Sometimes, winning the championship isn’t always a positive thing. This rare occasion of winning something that isn’t worth celebrating unfortunately happened to the City of Lansing when it received the top spot in Streets Blog 16-city “Parking Madness” tournament with a 30-vote advantage over Hicksville, New York. The tournament, which ranks cities with the worst parking infrastructures through a voted bracket, shines a light on one of our city’s biggest obstacles. T.A. Forsberg, Inc. president and CEO Brent Forsberg had the opportunity to speak with LSJ about what this indicates for the future of the Capitol City. Click Here for the Full Story!

Tiny house, big dreams: Building a home from scratch

One of the most understated — but overwhelmingly significant — focal points of tiny homes are their ability to be customized. For young adults working to find their footing in a long-term career, or even those who simply want to express their individuality to the fullest, the price point attached to many tiny homes leaves wiggle room for you to not just own a space but make that space your own! The opportunities at your disposal to create the micro-living arrangement of yours dreams a reality are seemingly limitless! Click Here For More Info

Spaces That Connect

Have you found a spot that you love visiting that makes you feel really good? That is what we are trying to build with Urban Systems. We are driven to create spaces in Lansing that people can connect with and that work to paint a better picture of just how great Lansing is. We’re excited to share our big ideas with community! Explore Urban Systems at https://www.urbansystemsmi.com/ and learn more about our vision in this edition of Morning Blend.


Tiny Homes have a Big Impact on Housing Markets

Given their small square footage, it’s almost ironic just how large of a shift tiny houses are bringing to real estate markets. In an effort to build reliable, affordable, sustainable housing following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Katrina cottages began popping up. Cities like Portland, Ore. and Oakland, Calif. also embraced the big opportunity in small homes.

In the Greater Lansing area, T.A. Forsberg Inc. has been a vital component to implement the housing trend within the local market. With a rich history dating back three generations, Terry Forsberg was one of the pioneers of highway infrastructure. In his early days, Forsberg poured concrete, built roads and municipal sewer and water systems. Today, his grandson Brent Forsberg continues the tradition and passion for community-centric development. The company’s philosophy is to build environments around how people live in communities.

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Six Reasons to Live in a Tiny Home

Size may be one reason you have not considered converting to life in a Tiny Home, but it is hard to ignore these six amazing reasons why you should! You will probably be asking yourself, by the end of this article, why you have not already made the switch! Aside from being convenient and an attractive compliment to individuals with unique lifestyles, tiny homes like Tembo Homes are small structures that make a huge impact on communities, the environment and your opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest! Our Tembo Homes are revamping what residents have come to expect from tiny-home living, while working hard to support and grow the communities surrounding them.

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