Tiny Homes: Transforming Cities

Live large by going small. Tiny homes can transform a city by creating circumstances to craft interconnected neighborhoods and approaching progress in an affordable, environmentally sound manner. Providing attainable living solutions and improving the standard of living are among the components Forsberg sees as necessities under our Smart Growth principles. Tiny Homes Detroit is opening a new path for low-income residents to become invested in their community through home ownership based on a rent-to-own model. Read the full article here.

Exciting Living Opportunities

As cities continue to evolve, it’s important that they analyze the changes that are affecting residents. Housing markets can be a direct reflection of areas that are, those that once were and those that have the opportunity to become prosperous. Akron has a unique market that has price extremities and little opportunities for middle-class and working-class families to live comfortably – thus options like adding tiny homes are creating exciting living opportunities that don’t just create living spaces but provide necessary boosts to the overall market that is lacking stability in certain areas. Click here to read the article.

Elevation at Okemos Holds Grand Opening

A significant crowd turned out June 19 for T.A. Forsberg, Inc.’s grand opening of Elevation at Okemos, a new luxury apartment, retail and community space. The event featured popular musician Phil Denny, food and beverages and tours the space’s two-bedroom apartment units. A silent auction benefitting the Sparrow Foundation also took place.

As the newest housing development in Meridian Township, Elevation’s goal is to go beyond luxury living to create a dynamic community connected to nature.

The buildings feature cor-ten steel cladding, natural stone, and exposed steel structures reminiscent of a mountain lodge. Amenities will include the on-site gym, scenic nature trails, outdoor common areas, covered parking and close proximity to Okemos Schools.

Read the full article here.

Be a Better Neighbor

Lending a cup of sugar is a nice gesture, but in today’s world, it’s tough to say if that will qualify you as a good neighbor. Being a good neighbor is about more than a gesture here and there; it’s about proving your commitment to the overall well-being of your neighborhood, your community and their properties. Take a look at these simple things you can do to be a better neighbor and contribute to creating a community that others will envy. Click here to read the article.

Tiny Home Evolution

Tiny homes are beginning to evolve! What was once known as a 300-square-foot trendy living space has now evolved into a 600-square-foot mid-sized home that owners can be proud of. Neighborhoods such as the one mentioned in this article are being built around modern tiny-home designs and creating unique communities that allow families to hurdle their inability to afford a standard home. We hope to bring this same attainable living opportunity in our future expansions to the Tembo Homes line, beginning soon in Eaton Rapids. Click here to read the article.

Creative Spaces Create Stronger Communities

Making the most with what you have is a central mindset to tiny-home living. Our Tembo Homes provide unique and affordable living opportunities for those seeking an emphasis on diversity and sustainability. To maximize the minimum, tiny homes can take a customized approach to creativity, such as the elevator bed showcased in this article. The bed allows for retractable sleeping quarters when not in use to increase living space. This definitely isn’t your grandfather’s Murphy bed! Click here to watch the video!

Small but Mighty

Tiny homes may be small, but they have big character! Tiny homes are typically minimal, but some designers are taking advantage of the unique abilities of the homes to make small details more memorable, visible and, most importantly, functional. Despite utilizing each square-foot of creative storage, many tiny-home owners rejoice when they realize that this is the perfect opportunity to make the space their own, inside and out. Click here to read the article.

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517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
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