SARS-C0V-2 SAW Plan Flight Path

​T.A. Forsberg, Inc. is responding to the following orders, guidance, and recommendations from:

  1. MI Executive Order 2020-42

  2. OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

  3. Center for Disease Control Interim Guidance


  5. The Local County Health Department

  6. Model CISC COVID-19 Response Plan


Building your SARS-CoV-2 Workplan State HBA – Google Slides

SARS-CoV-2 Poster Protect the Worksite


Preparing to Open

Another workweek is coming to a close.  For many of us, it’s been over a month on the stay at home order.  I think everyone agrees even when we are allowed back onto job sites, and open the supply chain again things are going to be different.  Where do we go to find the answers to what difference is going to mean?  This past week our association has started putting together the tools we will all need to make the decisions regarding the safety of our teams, our families, and ourselves as we begin to prepare to open the economy.  


For me, the weekend is time to reflect, review my journal notes, work on my writing, spend some time with the kids, and review their work from the previous week.  Sunday evening, I reflect on what are the most important actions I need to accomplish to move my goals forward next week.  My purpose now is to make sure we have all the tools in place to make the largest economic impact my company can to help our region grow.


I hope this weekend brings a moment of joy and peace for you. I love the stories I have heard from members, connecting more with siblings, exploring hobbies, and exploring interests they hadn’t had time for.  Time is a precious gift.  I hope even in this time of uncertainty that you are able to find moments for personal growth and fulfillment.  Thank you as always for your words of encouragement, thoughtful emails, and always looking at how to find ways to help those around you.  This last week has continued to be an affirmation of why Greater Lansing is the best place to live in the country.

Charities and Organizations

Greater Lansing Food Bank


Meridain Cares


UBG National Charity Foundation

Application for bartender assistance program

General Info



Restaurant Industry Relief Fund

Support Lansing Businesses

Local Gift Card

For those whose income hasn’t been interrupted, one of the best ways to help our local restaurants and boutique is to buy gift cards and use them in about 6 months or so.  Here is a good resource for Meridian Twp.


Restaurants Open

These are updated regularly, here is a link to all known open restaurants and whether or not they are doing delivery in Greater Lansing Area.



Webinars by The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

Please Check Out Lansing Chamber Calendar: 

Webinars by HBA

The HBA Lansing is setting up a series of Webinars to help our members and the companies that support them navigate the current Business Climate. The first one is in the next couple of days will be regarding unemployment options and potential funding options.
First, if you feel this would be helpful, reach out to Brent Forsberg or Cindy Kosloski.  Second, if you are  a subject matter expert willing to share your knowledge please let us know. This is not a sales tool, we are looking for experts willing to share information about the overall conditions and options.
This will end. It is up to us to make sure we are ready to get our region back to work. The focus of these will be best practices by you and your peers to help minimize the economic impact on our local companies. More on this soon!


Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership Offering Daily Update Call at 9 AM – Audio & Notes Now Available

In an effort to keep our SEDP stakeholders better informed, we are offering a daily (weekday) call, starting at 9:00 am. This will be an opportunity for you to listen in on updates we have at the local, regional, state and federal levels, and also give you the chance to ask any questions you may have. Here is the call-in information (which is good for every day you choose to call in).

+1 231-282-9447
Conference ID: 133 549 381#

Grants and Relief Funds

Application Now Open for Lansing Region Emergency Small Business Relief Grant

The application for $10,000 Emergency Small Business Relief Grants is now available on the LEAP website, As a reminder, LEAP was allocated $600,000 in emergency small business relief grant funds from the MEDC to distribute sixty (60) $10,000 grants to Lansing region small businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please share this opportunity with your networks to help get the word out to City of Lansing businesses. Note that this process is very brief in order to get these much needed funds to businesses as quickly as possible. The application will close on Tuesday, March 31st at 11:59PM and awardees announced by April 6th.


Applications will be reviewed thoroughly and the process will be highly competitive, so businesses are encouraged to take their time with the application and look over all grant materials carefully before submitting an application.


Small businesses wishing to apply for grant funds must be Michigan-based with under 50 employees (full or part time) and meet additional criteria. The application and eligibility information, including FAQs and local contacts, are available at


Small Business Emergency Loan/Grants

Federal Disaster Relief Programs SBA

SBA & Treasury Begin Unprecedented Public-Private Mobilization Effort to Distribute Funds


SBA Loans – What You Need to Know:

The SBA Economic Injury Disaater Loan (EIDL) and SBA 7(a) Relief Programs by Cohen & Co.


SBA Economic Industry Disaster Loan Information and Grant Options from LEAP

Here is a snapshot of what was covered regarding loans from the Small Business Administration:

  • Just about every single business in the country will be deemed eligible – they did not want to answer specific eligibility questions on the call. They would prefer the business owner apply and work through the process with a loan officer.
  • Size standards for a small business are the same as they are for a business to apply for an SBA loan in the first place – if you see slide 5 of the presentation there is a link to the SBA size standards.
  • Most important thing to remember is that the borrower is not obligated to take this loan at any point during the application process – I would encourage you to have them apply while they work through other opportunities. If something else comes along better, they can stop the application process and not close on the loan.
  • They estimate the current turnaround time to be 21-30 days, but ask for patience as this is an unprecedented time for their group as well. They have worked with areas affected by disaster since the 1950s, but have never dealt with one of this magnitude that has affected essentially every business in the country.
  • Borrowers who own rental properties may be eligible! This will be huge for a lot of borrowers in northern Michigan.
  • Borrower cannot list a PO Box – there must be a physical address.
  • This program is not meant for agricultural enterprises – those business owners will need to use USDA or another farm service agency.

Please check out PowerPoint for more information:


  • SBA Disaster Loan Application – Webinar Update (March 26, 2020)

1.           New access to online application:

2.           Estimate 30 days from application to funding

3.           New site—-fillable pdfs, download, complete, save to desktop, sign, upload through box on

4.           If in doubt, apply and let loan officer assist client with what is needed or further questions

5.           As of today, dropped credit score/worthiness requirement

6.           As of today, dropped credit elsewhere questions, don’t have to prove denials

7.           Applicant does not request an amount,  describe to clients as an application for credit card—client applies, SBA decides the amount based on info client submitted and SBA will notify client

8.           There is a process for reconsideration if client feels they need a different amount

9.           Eleven month payment deferral—first payment due in month 12 after date of signing promissory note

10.         If denied SBA loan, can ask for reconsideration and have 6 months to do so

11.         No known minimum for $ approved

12.         Client will get call from LO if more info needed.  Otherwise, client will get approval notice with amount or denied communication

13.         Having other conventional SBA loans, does make clients ineligible for disaster loan

14.         Loans processed in order received

15.         Additional forms on  Clients can send with submission or wait to see if requested by LO

16.         Complete SBA form P-019 with app


Small Business Administration (SBA)

Process for Accessing COVID-19 Disaster Relief Lending

Unemployment Resources

Michigan governor announces new unemployment programs for workers hit by coronavirus pandemic


 Employment Issues – Work Share Program 


MI Unemployment and the Federal PSL/FMLA Options

We also have new clarification on the “choice” between the MI Unemployment and the Federal PSL/FMLA options as follows. They are not really “options”, but each was intended to address one of two business scenarios as follows:

  1. MI Unemployment option is for those business who were forced to close or reduce hours or layoff workers due to mandate.  Direct employees to apply for it as usual on the UIA website noted in this resource:,9753,7-406-98163-521770–,00.html  You are not charged for the unemployment IF the reason is due to an Executive Mandate.
  2. Federal PSL/XFMLA option is for those businesses that stay open, and have work available but employees who are unable to work due to need to attend to children home from school, are sick themselves, or need to care for someone who is sick (see other reasons in the slide resources).  Use standard FMLA forms (as they are kept internally and not filed with the government) and note the COVID19 reason as the need for leave:  and follow the rest of the expanded mandate on that.  Reimbursement will be through direct tax credits. See DOL notice  and IRS notice   

517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
2422 Jolly Road, Suite 200, Okemos, MI, 48864

517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
2422 Jolly Road, Suite 200, Okemos, MI, 48864