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2017 Third Annual Trunk or Treat

The Lansing-based developer’s community-centric Halloween event returns

T.A. Forsberg Inc. (Forsberg) has partnered with Toys for Tots, the Home Builders Association of Greater Lansing (HBA) and the Farm Bureau of Michigan to bring Lansing residents their Third Annual Trunk or Treat event, on Wednesday, Oct. 25 from 5 -7 p.m.

“We always look forward to opportunities to interact with the communities we serve. We had a great turnout at last year’s inaugural event and can’t wait to do it again,” said Brent Forsberg, president of T.A. Forsberg Inc. “Halloween is such a unique holiday, and we love using it as a way to bring our communities closer together. Whether we’re serving up candy, scares or costumes – Forsberg and its partners at HBA and Farm Bureau of Michigan are excited to join forces and build a space for families to create new memories together.”

Urban Systems to Build Hilton Hotel in REO Town

Developers seek to connect Lansing’s downtown commercial district and REO Town

Lansing’s REO Town eclectic, vibrantly colored welcome sign could get a new home. Urban Systems, a collaborative development coalition focused on revitalizing Lansing’s urban core, has entered into a contract with the Ingham County Land Bank Board to purchase the vacant property at the corner of South Washington Avenue and Malcolm X Street in REO Town, where the neighborhood’s welcome sign currently resides. The group plans to build a Hilton extended stay hotel, which would include a restaurant and public green space by the riverfront.

Morning Blend: Urban Systems

Brent Forsberg recently had the pleasure of joining Fox 47’s Morning Blend, along with Pat Smith of Westpac Communities, to speak on the exciting plans T.A. Forsberg Inc.’s collaborative venture, Urban Systems, has proposed for a new downtown Lansing fixture and the relocation City Hall. Learn more about Urban System’s plans to revitalize the city’s urban core by following the link below!

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Urban Systems Present Vision for City Hall and Downtown Lansing

LANSING, MI – Urban Systems, a collaborative development coalition focused on revitalizing Lansing’s urban core, has unveiled its long-term and short-term goals for City Hall and Lansing’s downtown area. Over the next several years the group — comprised of T.A. Forsberg Inc., WestPac Communities and Dymaxion Development — plan to fundamentally shift the city’s developmental landscape to prioritize placemaking, community cohesion, quality of life and most importantly economic stability.

Urban tissue experiment

Do you ever think about why early developers decided to build everything in grids? I have. In my spare time, I’ve been looking at historical, urban-built systems that fit closer to the model we need to utilize to create walkable, multi-use spaces today. The current norm of grid patterns doesn’t offer communities as many opportunities to scale properties in a way that accommodates walkability, alternative commute options, community interaction and so much more. I’m constantly looking for new ways to make limited space stretch further to benefit our communities —sometimes we need to look back if we want to move forward.

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Walkable Neighborhoods

I believe that the ability to walk to the place that you work, the places you shop and anywhere else that you generally rely on shouldn’t be a privilege. The dated notion has been that living near the resources you need or the hubs of commercial sectors is reserved for the upper class. People from all walks of life should be afforded the opportunity to have alternative options in the ways they live their lives and choose to travel; underserved communities are often blighted by a lack of resources, and flexibility in their environment should be something we aim to provide as community developers. To learn more check out this great article!

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Smart Design with Technology

Leveraging Tech Trends In Your Home

Who doesn’t love getting their hands on the latest gadgets or tapping into the latest housing trends? Thanks to innovations in smart-home technology, big name brands are transitioning your home into something out of a science fiction novel. By leveraging technological trends, you can save time on mundane tasks, manage your home’s efficiency and energy expenditures or even monitor the security of your living space from afar. We’re diving into some of the latest trends, their benefits and what you’ll need to bring them into your home.

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