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Urban Systems Present Vision for City Hall and Downtown Lansing

LANSING, MI – Urban Systems, a collaborative development coalition focused on revitalizing Lansing’s urban core, has unveiled its long-term and short-term goals for City Hall and Lansing’s downtown area. Over the next several years the group — comprised of T.A. Forsberg Inc., WestPac Communities and Dymaxion Development — plan to fundamentally shift the city’s developmental landscape to prioritize placemaking, community cohesion, quality of life and most importantly economic stability.

As part of its immediate plans, Urban Systems is currently in the bidding process to obtain a contract from the City of Lansing that would enable them to begin making immediate progress on what is known as the Capitol Vista site. Located directly across from the State Capitol, Urban Systems plans to develop a +205-guest-room Westin Hotel and branded residencies with the appropriate support facilities, including a restaurant, spa, fitness center, conference rooms and meeting spaces.

In addition, to facilitate the long-standing desire for a new hotel in downtown Lansing, now possible due to the conclusion of a non-compete agreement with the Radisson, Urban Systems plans to relocate City Hall to the former Lake Trust Credit Union headquarters at 501 S. Capitol Ave and create additional support services as requested by the City of Lansing. 

The development of both sites combined could equate to upwards of $280 million. While these new structures will surely offer the region the benefit of new, eye-catching scenery at urban focal points, it also accomplishes the underlying goal of the group: to create a 24/7, 365-day walkable urban core that facilitates safe travel for all residents and creates multi-use and recreational spaces that fit the needs of the community. 

“The team at Urban Systems takes pride in its vision for Lansing and the commitment it makes to ensure that this venture produces a positive outcome for not just regional business, but all members of the community as a whole,” said Brent Forsberg, president of T.A. Forsberg, Inc. “This is an amazing city already, but we want to make this an attractive destination that’s reflective of our culture yet shows our willingness to embrace progress. Our proposal to the city means much more for the City of Lansing than a promise to build new structures — we’re investing in the people, the environment and the future as well.”

If selected, Urban Systems promises to align its vision with that of the community and the City to ensure that all needs are satisfied. In addition to the principal partners involved, the group have connected with a core group of strategic partners including Progressive AE, M3 Group, KEBS Inc., Michigan State University, Westin Hotel Group and more.

About Urban Systems: Urban Systems is a collaboration of three companies and strategic partners who have come together for the specific purpose of revitalizing Lansing’s city core. With more than 100 years of collective real estate development experience, their mission is to create a connected and walkable-built environment in Lansing. For more information, visit www.urbansystemsmi.com.

517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
2422 Jolly Road, Suite 200, Okemos, MI, 48864

517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
2422 Jolly Road, Suite 200, Okemos, MI, 48864