Smart Design with Technology

Leveraging Tech Trends In Your Home

Who doesn’t love getting their hands on the latest gadgets or tapping into the latest housing trends? Thanks to innovations in smart-home technology, big name brands are transitioning your home into something out of a science fiction novel. By leveraging technological trends, you can save time on mundane tasks, manage your home’s efficiency and energy expenditures or even monitor the security of your living space from afar. We’re diving into some of the latest trends, their benefits and what you’ll need to bring them into your home.

What you will need: These new innovations are going to work in synchronization with your smartphone device and in-home, wireless Internet. Pairing these will enable you to bridge the gap between your needs and your home’s new features. In addition, please review each product and consider how it will integrate with your entire setup, as well as their individual compatibility with your Apple or Android device(s).

Smart Thermostats:

At Forsberg, we believe in smart growth, and part of that comes down to our belief in creating eco-friendly and sustainable environments that will reduce each property’s carbon footprint. One of the biggest energy expenditures for any home is heating and cooling. Thanks to smart thermostats, you’ll be able to manage every detail of your home’s heating and cooling right from your phone. Gone are the days of leaving your air on all day, only to find out the expected heat wave wasn’t all the weatherman said it would be – instead, grab your phone and manage your home’s temperature right from your mobile device.

Our recommendation: Ecobee3 Thermostat 2nd Gen, $250 

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Customized, Smart Lighting: 

Smart lighting is a fairly new trend that is taking the way you light your home to the next level. Via a Wi-Fi connection, you can easily manipulate what lights are on in each room and, in some cases, even change the hue of your light thanks to multi-colored LED bulbs. These add a great new element of design and atmosphere to your space when strategically placed which can transform a room. In addition, add-ons like Belkin’s WeMo Insight switch will allow you to automate any of your existing lamps or virtually any device that goes into an outlet, controllable straight from your cell phone.

Our recommendation: Philips Hue Starter Kit (Two Bulbs), $70+

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 Perhaps the most obvious thing you’d like to keep tabs on: Who’s in your home or trying to get into it. Wireless security cameras are great additions that allow you to monitor your home thanks to live stream video transmitted to your phone, motion detection systems and sound activated alarms. If someone’s triggered one of these alerts, you’ll be notified immediately to see the status of your residence in real time.

In addition to visual systems to secure your home, there’s also been a recent increase in smart-home locks on the market. Working as an add-on for your door or as a mechanical installment, these locks allow you to automatically lock and unlock the deadbolt portion of your front door. This can also easily be locked and unlocked from your home in instances where you forget to lock the door as you were rushing to work in the morning, or if someone needs to stop by to grab something and you’re not there to let them in. The scenarios for usability are endless.

Our recommendation(s): Nest Cam (s), $170+



Voice Assistance:

It’s not just about being able to manage your home system from afar. Like the sci-fi films of yesterday, we all want the ability to have a personal, digital assistant to do all the great things you’ve just allowed your home to do by simply asking. There are a host of great hubs that will enable you to do anything from play your favorite song, turn off the lights or even adjust the temperature to your liking with just the use of your voice. While not all devices are compatible with one another, this aspect will be the core consideration if you want to tie all of your smart-home devices into a lean, mean, automated machine.

Our recommendation: Amazon Echo, $180

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These are just a few of the latest and greatest tech trends that can make your life a bit easier, your home a bit safer and the world a bit greener. In addition to these constantly evolving trends you can find a smart solution for just about anything, from flood detectors to window alarms. The choice is yours – now, get going on creating your smart-home and have fun customizing it to your needs.

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517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
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