Design Your Green Home

We are no stranger to “going green.” Tembo homes and our other properties embrace cost-saving, energy-efficient technologies to minimize carbon footprints and innovate the way homes interact with the planet. Solar-powered exterior lighting is one example; in fact, solar-powered technology is a prime example that is top-of-mind when considering how to better utilize the environment. But it’s not the only consideration.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the grand standard of resource-efficient building today, with 1.85 billion square feet being certified daily because of architects and designers who are inspired to lead green-oriented innovation. Essentially, LEED certification provides independent verification of a buildings or construction project’s green features, and it works on a point system; the more points gained across nine areas intended to address sustainability issues, the higher certification earned and more money saved because of those features. These areas of sustainability include:

  • Integrative process
  • Location and transportation
  • Sustainable sites
  • water efficiency
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and resource
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Innovation
  • Regional priority

Starbucks, Kohl’s and Wells Fargo are a few organizations that embrace LEED and for good reason — certified buildings are on track to contribute $18.4 million to the U.S. gross product capitol by 2018, directly feeding into the health of the economy.

The benefits of LEED certification however go beyond business buildings: determine the qualities of your home with careful consideration for how it uses the environment to save you time and money. Homes with LEED possibilities like Forsberg properties can save up to 60 percent more energy, also saving thousands of dollars that add up to keep your home comfortable and running well.

When considering your options, it’s always a “win” when you decide to go green.


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517.349.9330 (phone) | 517.349.7131 (fax)
2422 Jolly Road, Suite 200, Okemos, MI, 48864